Tuesday, August 31, 2010

another new cover

Fireflies from Owl City

a new cover

The guys performed a new cover "Torn" from Natalia Imbruglia in Bochum (Germany) on August 30, 2010:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday morning live

Aug 30, 2010

the Morning Show on ARD (the German Channel)

Chasing Cars live

15.8.10 Ankkarock Interview

Monday, August 23, 2010

Strike back on iTunes

get it now: http://itunes.apple.com/fi/album/strike-back-exclusive-version/id387668474

It includes 8 new songs:

No One
Chasing Cars
Monday Morning
Last In Line
Ayo Technology
Jungle Drum

"Ayo technology" and "Human" are only available on the iTunes version.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

translated article

cool article from http://www.general-anzeiger-bonn.de/index.php?k=loka&itemid=10003&detailid=774741 and it was tranlated by Emmi(thanks again):

General-Anzeiger (magazine): Boys, you’re casted, aren’t you?
B: Maybe it sounds funny but: we really met by chance. In the kitchen of a rehearsal complex in Berlin where we all were practising with our bands or were there for audition. We all three had this quiff and thought: that’s a beginning. Maybe we have even more things in common.

G-A: How does one feel suddenly meeting another guy with a quiff?
D: Brother!

G-A: Are there many of those?
S: It depends on the cities. Hannover for example has a quite engrained Indie-Rockabilly-Scene. Which we are not because we are very mainstream and make music that should touch everybody. And we do more than Rockabilly. We also sing ballads and doing the classic Elvis style, Buddy Holly or Jerry Lee Lewis.

G-A: So straight rockabillys wouldn’t cover “Umbrella” from Rihanna, “Bleeding Love “ from Leona Lewis or “So what” from Pink.
D: Not really. But some of the rockabillys are happy about the fact that there is any kind of their music coming up again and is put back in the mind of the people. In the beginning we tried with stuff like “Jailhouse Rock” but we’re reaching young and old people with what we’re doing now. That’s the best case.

G-A: You got the ECHO-Award as “Best Newcomers”. Rihanna was also there. Does she know your version of “Umbrella”?
B: We had loved to sing our song for her but no one could get in reach of her. She had more bodyguards than we are members of the band. The ones being really friendly to us were Udo Lindenberg and Sasha (german singers)

G-A: Sasha also sang Rockabilly himself as Dick Brave. Is this guy an idol for you?
S: It’s an honour being compared to him. But performing our songs in three voices means being something very special ourselves.

G-A: You are mid-twenties. How did you fall in love with the fifties-music?
B: It all started with Elvis. Digger got a cassette with Elvis-songs to Christmas from his parents, I was eight when I saw his picture on a record and instantly wanted to have these sideburns. My parents had to explain to me why that wouldn’t work.

G-A: How do you know that a song is the right one for you?
D: It’s important that there is a lot of lyrics. And it should have more than two or three chords. Then you try and see if the songs is catching you.

G-A: In Scandinavia you are even more successful than in Germany, especially in Finland. You album “Strike” stayed on #1 more than 12 weeks. How can you explain that?
B: Why the Finnish people get crazy about us? We just can guess. The rock music the Finnish listen to in general is very dark. In opposite to that we come along with our happy rock music. We fit in a niche over there. And since the days of Leningrad Cowboys the Finnish are experts about quiffs.

G-A: Do you want to conquer even more countries?
S: Of course, nothing against it. After Scandinavia and Switzerland where we got our first Golden Record now it’s starting in Holland. And then we’ll try Spain, France, Italy.

G-A: How do you manage with all the hype?
B: We haven’t reached that much yet. We had a good start and are extremely happy about the ECHO. It’s great to be also successful at home. But we don’t overvalue what is happening right now. And we still don’t need bodyguards. We always have nice contact with our fans .

G-A: You have worked in your office-jobs until a short time ago. How do you manage it now?
D: There are no jobs no more, it didn’t work. We haven’t been at home for a long time and there is a thick layer of dust everywhere in our flats. But we are not really sad about it. It was our aim to put full concentration to our band.

G-A: Do you get on your nerves sometimes?
B: When we are touring there are the musicians and the crew in the bus, probably 11 to 12 people. If you get wrong with one of them you’ll just talk to someone else. Of course there are conflicts but you will always drink a lemonade together the next day.

G-A: Lemonade?
B: We don’t really fit in this cliché of sex&drugs&rock’n’roll. We have some beers after the show, that’s all.

G-A: You’re only male in that bus?
S: Yes. We’re a men’s club.

G-A: Do you get more girls than others because you’re a cool rockstar?
B: A gentleman keeps silent.

G-A: Why?
D: The golden rule is: no women in the tourbus. Somehow it’s our home, all our stuff is lying around. No, girls are not accepted. Well, maybe somebodies mom, she may have a short glance. But anyway, I’ve never noticed that one of us has picked up a girl. It’s just talking a bit, you know.

G-A: Do you own clothes or cars from the fifties?
B: I take the tube. And we don’t wear this stuff everyday. But the first time when someone recognized me on the street I was running around really normal.

G-A: Means?
B: Hair down.

G-A: How do you fix your quiff?
B: Different. Digger’s building his quiff using only his hair-dryer and hair-spray. Sam needs lots of pomade. And I put some hair mousse on the wet hair to get some structure, then I dry it in the right way, then pomade and spray.

G-A: How long does it take changing?
B: That’s fast. Half an hour and we’re ready to go on stage.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Live Allsång På Skansen 2010(in Sweden)

The Swedish TV show (August3, 2010),...without Sam...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ankkarock 2010

>>(c)  www.ess.fi

check out the vid before the show in Ankkarock:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Finnish version of Strike Back

It includes "Last in Line" instead of "Jungle Drum". and it will be out in Finland on August 25, 2010 .

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chasing Cars - new Single

Well..it will be out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on August 13, 2010...but I dont know if it will be out all over in Europe on the same day.
You can listen to the 50sec sample on their myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/thebaseballs

the guys in Ireland

interview in English (includes a-cappella songs)

guys in Finland


TBB in Kotka, FInland July 30, 2010

(click pics to see them bigger)

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