Saturday, October 30, 2010

The first show in Spain

Live in Madrid 291010

Hey there delilah & Angels

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 interview

This German interview was recently published(it was done in Hamburg on September 12, 2010):

Here is the translation for it..
(thanks emmi for doing amazing job again)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Baseballs in Ireland

The Baseballs performing Umbrella on The Late Late Show 15th October 2010

translation: The Chat in Spain

Internet chat with a the German band is on tour in Spain with 'Strike', his new album

“We have original songs that we're playing at concerts and, in fact, be on the new album”

The Baseballs:
We are The Baseballs!!!! thanks guys and girls to be in the chat ...

Alberto Coves (Linares)
Baseballs! My questions are: Why have you laid him to the group named 'The Baseballs'? And how do you choose the songs to make your version?. Thank you very much!
The Baseballs
Listen to the radio, it's like falling in love with the song, it's love at first sight.

Soy Vic de Barcelona
For when the second album?.
The Baseballs
We are in the studio, and we will release in December, but now it has just the special edition of 'Strike', with six bonus tracks and two exclusive documentaries.

Paco Jimenez madrid
Hello "The Baseballs" I love the versions of other songs that you doing some as "umbrella'' I think is a lot better than the original, so let you know that you are great, here is the question: How did you start to do versions of other songs? Greetings
The Baseballs
We also have original songs that we're playing at concerts and, in fact, be on the new album, but we like to make versions of other songs and bring them to the Rock & Roll style.

Juan Antonio (Almería)
What is your favorite version of your previous job? For me The Look by Roxette without certainly
The Baseballs
Chasing Cars, our new single, it is the most fun when we play live.

hi wanted to know if the dryer was turned on in the picture? and if so to where it points?
The Baseballs
it's not on, but we are very good actors.

Don donisimo Diglas daniel
helloooooo!!!!!!!! I love your music, I listen it every day, I can´t live a day of my life without listen to you. Where do you find inspiration for do this such works of art??
The Baseballs
We like a lot the music of the 50 and we try to simply pass on all that inspiration in our songs.

Esteban, Barcelona
Your music and your clothes reminds the 50. Where come a taste for the fashions of the time? Have your parents influenced you?
The Baseballs
We were a children of about six years, when we heard these songs, watched movies, and simply we are interested in the lifestyle of that era, especially the music.

Rocker, Alicante
I really like the version of Chasing Cars, you´ll dare to make a version of Man of the Moon, REM?, I think you would great ... Rock forever!
The Baseballs
It's a good idea.

if The Baseballs not exist, what would be doing right now? Do you devoted to music before forming the group?
The Baseballs
We would be playing in other bands, sure. Perhaps unable to make a living, but playing safe.

Anita Acosta de Guadalajara, México
Sam, Digger & Basti! When will come to Mexico to show it? I really love his songs and his style, I really would love that you make a tour in Guadalajara, Mexico !!!you´re the best!!! Thanks for reviving this great style of music.
The Baseballs
This year has been impossible, but next year we will do a American tour, and we´ll go to Mexico, sure. (!!!!!!!!)

Hi guys. Have you previously played in Spain? Do you liked?
The Baseballs
We have been in Barcelona and we loved it, but now we come by to tour, finally, the 29 in Madrid, 30 in Valladolid, and 31 in Barcelona.

Marta, Puerto Rico
What music do you like to listen to you? What are your favorite bands or singers?
The Baseballs
Guess ... We do not like the house, hahaha

David, Santander
What think the artists, such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Snow Patrol ... of the version you doing?
The Baseballs
We have always received very positive feedback, they seem to like to hear new versions of their songs.

Ana, Valladolid
You know musicians who sing in Spanish? You would do versions of some of his songs? Which do you like?
The Baseballs
Only Manolo Escobar, the song 'My Car' ...

Jerome, Guadix
Your voices sound very similar to the great Elvis. What do you think of it?
The Baseballs
Is the best. And thank you, but we don´t imitate him.

manuel rodriguez coronado
What opinion you has of rockin movement current? the rise of festivals, the pin up, and what can bring?
The Baseballs
It is great that the whole movement of Rock again, even a little.

Moni Iñiguez (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Basti: you stay with me? ? No one else like you for me
The Baseballs
Maybe for a vacation of a week :) And thanks for listening the music ...

el presiddent del parlament del statut catalan
I wanted to ask you how you felt with the defeat of Germany for Spain??
The Baseballs
To lose with a team, the best Spain:)

Which is the first thing you think when you hear the word fan?
The Baseballs

What you think about of fans that cross all Europe to go to your gig? what do you bring the fans?
The Baseballs
it´s very well and is a great folly. We wonder where they get the time

Marcos Langreo España
you´re a fierce and it´s true that you resemble Elvis Presley or even better, but my question is: you´ll out draw their own songs or you´ll follow singing songs of others. by the way I like to you sing and include on the next album "Sweet victory" of the group Van Halen is an old-song and very happy and roker like you.
The Baseballs
At the moment we don´t make versions of very old songs, and Van Halen is 90.

We write on thebaseballs fan site on facebook with so many fans around the world, everyone wants to see you live! When do you think, you could have a promotional tour for more places in Spain?
The Baseballs
Sure, next year ...

Virginia, Zaragoza
You have a voices that I love, Would you dare to sing with another musical style, apart from the rock?
The Baseballs
Not at the moment our idea is to stick with style songs of the 50, and that is our illusion.

Enrique, Murcia
Would you dare to sing a song in Spanish?
The Baseballs
is possible we can sing when we take some Spanish classes, we´ll sing you a particular song.

What would you do if you stayed in an elevator?
The Baseballs
with who?

The Baseballs
Thanks for being there. Hope to see you soon in concert.

Thanks Moni for the translation :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Fama Revolution" in Spain

October 14, 2010

The guys singing "Chasing Cars"

The guys in Spain

They answered questions in the Spanish Chat.. unfortunately the questions and answers are in Spanish

edit: the translation added:

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Here is more info about the upcoming Australia visit..

"The Baseballs will undertake a rigorous promotional schedule from Saturday 13th November, including TV and radio performances – as well as several opportunities for fans to experience them in the flesh!"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

the Dome 50 (Hot'n Cold)

TBB performing Hot'n Cold.. it's the beginning of the their career

May 22, 2009

Human acappella in Norway (02.10.10)

October 2, 2010