Saturday, November 26, 2011

the first festival confirmed

it seems the first festival is confirmed for the next summer through the festival website. The baseballs will be performing at the Nova Rock 2012 in Nickeldorf, Austria. It will be on June 8 -10, 2012. The leading performer will be Metallica :D

more about here

Monday, November 21, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

In bed with... The baseballs (Translation)

Müll TV (= Trash TV) In Bed with....(first issue and trying to establish serial with many celebrities) starting 0:40

Digger: Hi, we are...
All: ...The Baseballs! Welcome to "In Bed with...The Baseballs"
Host: First: we are friendly! We only want to show you at your best. Because you are just good.
Digger: Too bad!
Sam: Let's drink a toast to "This week's topic" !
Host: You're lucky! It's a very nice topic. It's...
Sam: You!
Host: ...friendship!
Sam: Quite important!
Basi: Fine!
Host: That's what I say.
Sam: Friendship is so important. There must have been a cut because Basti is answering to a question you can't hear. In the former GDR where he was raised all children had to be part of youth organisations. The different ages had different phrases for salutation. One of the salutations was: Friendship! So he has obviously been asked if he associates this word with these political organisations.
Basti: I wasn't part of this organisation because of my age. You had to say "friendship" in FDJ and you had to be 14 years old to join them. ( He was 9 years old when GDR collapsed) I didn't make it... I just was saying: Be ready! - Always ready! One of those very young ones...Yes, Klaus knows what I mean! But I have some old friends I know since being a child in GDR and we still meet from time to time. Like Sam told before.
Digger: Actually, what did you want to ask me?
Host: Do you think friendship is possible between male and female?
Digger: What do you think about it?
Host: No!
Digger: Well, my parents live in a semi-detached house and there also lived a friend of mine. I mean a girl. She was just my neighbour and we were friends for ages. When we were very young we played together on the playground, we went to funfairs together and then we got older and reached the age when people didn't believe us when we said it is just friendship. We were teeanagers and everyone asked me: why don't you make love with her? You can't just go out with her for the night and nothing else is happening...
Host: Was she good looking?
Sam: It's my beer! Hey, I haven't drunk that much of mine. Just wanted to mention...Cheers! Digger: I think she went down well with a lot of guys.
Host: So friendship worked with you both?
Digger: I didn't really notice if she was good looking...I don't like my beer so cold that's why I take the... (lighter)
Host: So you didn't look at her as a woman?
Digger: I didn't look at her as a girl I'd probably date. She always was a good friend. A female buddy you might say...
Host: There was no episode?
Digger: An episode?
Host: I also knew a guy who was my best friend and in the end there was an episode... (It's not my fault, no one talks like this in German. Even Digger is asking: Huh? )
Host: Yeah, well, when it became more than friendship.
Digger: Oh, I understand. No, we hadn't such an episode. But don't mind! Do you still have a best friend, dear?
Host: No, no one likes me. But I have a pet. A pig!
Sam: Oh! Digger: You really have got a pig?
Host: Yes, a hog!
Digger: A mini pig?
Host: Yes!
Digger: What about marrying me?
----- REBUS
Host: Dear Baseballs! What is that? I'm climbing on a ...??
Digger: Zuckerberg! (sugar montain, that explains what she's doing)
Host: And what is your association with that? Zuckerberg, come on!
Sam & Basti: Facebook! Host: Yes! The Baseballs just check it!
Digger: I haven't understood yet! Can anyone explain it to me?
Host: Are you on facebook?
Digger: Zuckerberg...what has it to do...
Basti: Mark Zuckerberg
Digger: Who?
Basti: He developed facebook.
Digger: I don't care about that! Two weeks ago I haven't even known who Steve Jobs is, to be honest.
Host: The man from the job center! Guys, it's time for " The Question in the Glass".
Sam: I've got a green one, please take...
Digger: Hey, not green. Green is a beautiful colour when you think about nature. But everything else that is green like jackets, cars...
Host: No, some women look so beautiful wearing green!
Digger: You look beautiful whatever you wear! But beside that green is an awful colour. And it is an awful question.
Host: No, this question is stupid.
Sam: How's that?
Basti: Better the green one?
Host: ok, who wants to answer?
Sam: Basti!
Digger: I just want to show it to the camera. There are people who write down their questions with a pen and colour them with a marker. How stupid is that?
Host: Hah...
Digger: Who has the time to do those things?
Host: It was me! In my bureau.
Digger: Well, it was not green! That' the first step...
Host: So Basti, do you feel ashamed of other people sometimes?
Basti: Such a subtle hint! Everbody knows that feeling. There are situations...but sometimes I feel quite ashamed for me.
Host: But you are glad that it happened to someone else...
Sam: Sometimes!
Basti: Sometimes people are in a situation they can't help. Then you feel a pity for them.
Host showing the board HA HA
Host: Now I would really like to have a coke! Bloody no name coke! Ok, I'd rather like to have a...what is it called? Oh shit! Cut, cut... Second try with Sam
Both: Oh, I really like to have a coke! Ah! Bloody no name coke! Host: I'd rather like to have a coke rebel.
Host: Ok guys,
Host: You know it when you were young, you always had to write: what is your aim in life, when is your birthday...
Digger: No, you mean these friendship books...
Host: That's what I say...
Sam: Autograph books were those you had to write in some poems or nice things...
Digger: "down and above you'll find lot's of love"... such things. But you're thinking about "My best friends" and stuff...
Host: We'll change it to..
Host: And you always wrote - my favourite star?
Sam: Of course Elvis!
Host: My first kiss was?
Digger: Wet! I had a cold.
Host: I'm good in...
Sam: Sleeping!
Basti: In bed!
Host: What did you want to be when you were a child?
Sam: I wanted to be an actor. I always said actor or singer.
Digger: There's such a trash when you're watching TV...
Host: Trash TV!!!
Digger: Yeah, trash TV, that's what we're talking about. Bye until we see the next round bed with...
Host: The following is called Association game...
Digger: That's wrong! First we have another "Question in the glass"! Basti!
Host: Right!
Basti: Do you feel ashamed... Host: We had that before.
Sam: He has put it back! What's that?
Digger: Is silence really golden? I think we (Digger and the host) are the poorest over here! Host: I suggest to have a minute of silence now! ----whispering to Digger: what are you thinking about?
Dog - BastI: Wau!
Garden shed - Sam: Mower! Shit!
Crocodile - Digger: Uh..uh..uh..swamp I wanted to say
Host: But you're good at it because you don't think!
Mama - Sam: Papa
Record label - Digger: money
Therapist - Basti: useful
Shoulder - Sam: Basti
Hot water bag - Digger: warm
Lollipop - Sam: delicious
Hair - Basti: short
Gameboy - Digger: gone
Berlin - Basti: beautiful
Lie - Sam: yes
Host: A wonderful association game! We coming to the end an it means: truth or task? Sam?
Sam: Task!
Host: ok, Sam, please carry me round the bus in your strong arms!
Digger: I've heard that we're going to get a surprise now! That is super! And it looks really super. Awesome!
Host: I will sign it also. One of these is for you and the other will be raffled. You can win it so send a mail to....That bed with The Baseballs... SINGING
Digger: That's how we arrange our covers! We just sing shoo-woop and on and on!

(translated by emmi)

DVD recording in Cologne in February 2012

The Baseballs will be recording a LIVE DVD at the extra show in Cologne on February 28th, 2012.

buy tickets here EVENTIME.DE

It'll be probably the only concert in Germany in 2012.