Friday, December 9, 2011

the 2nd anniversary of TBBWorld

Time is running so quick and it happened like last year. Totally forgot the anniversary of the page.

here is my very first post two years ago: Welcome

and here is my first anniversary post: The Baseballs World - The First Anniversary

The first year with 30 000 visitors and now over 69 000 visitors.

Thanks to each one of you and the special thanks to The baseballs..without those guys I wouldnt have never done this page ;)

The first logo and the look was black and blue. The logo looked like this:

When I met the guys the first time I remember I told them I have a website called The Baseballs World. Basti asked "is that one with black and blue". Yeah that one. It was nice to hear in September 2010 that not only fans visits here but also the band. :D
A little after that meeting I changed the logo to this current one. I am planning changes but life is too busy right now.

One special thing during of this two years that the guys filled the questionaire for the site in November 2010: *Digger *Basti *Sam